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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Duh. Our perception of the "rich and famous" is perverse, and stupid, and more perverse--until the cops and media want our photo and our name to kick around, too. Think people, how stupid are you to think and believe such highly stupid things BLINDLY, without balanced reasoning?

I recently justified myself with another celeb, a Cleveland Cavalier Zydrunas Ilgauskas was a no show for a basketball game--and everyone went ballistic. It was said his wife was in hospital, which to me said he was a good man to go to her, not a game. But that's just me.

Their stillborn twins says it all, or should.

I never once assumed he was blowing off a game or grandstanding, and I don't really like him all that much as a player, or person--but I don't really know him personally, and yet I believed, with limited facts, that his reasons had to be just.

So, for me, it's not just who I like, it's about the balance of justice, reasonable doubt, and respect for another human living this human's life, just like me.

--Neale Sourna
Wednesday, April 11, 2007


With regard to a story published on Keanu Reeves altercation with a paparazzi, which we got from news services we have since learned the real facts.

Mr. Reeves did not “run over” Mr. Da Silva nor did he even “hit” him with his car.

At worst, if Mr. Reeves’ vehicle even came into contact with the photographer, it is possible that Mr. Reeves may have slightly grazed Mr. Da Silva as he was attempting to slowly and carefully maneuver his car away from him (in a slow, rolling manner) while Mr. Da Silva brashly and carelessly planted himself directly in front of Mr. Reeves vehicle and continued to take rapid fire flash photos of Mr. Reeves as he started to pull away from the curb.

Mr. Reeves certainly did not “go after” Mr. Da Silva “like he wanted to kill him”, nor did he start driving away from Mr. Da Silva only to return and “drive straight at him”.

The fact was, that Mr. Reeves was barely going one mile per-hour. Prior to slowly beginning to inch away from the curb, Mr. Reeves backed up and twice drove forward slowly, in an effort to indicate his intention to leave and expecting the paparazzo to move away, but to no avail.

Mr. Da Silva continued to stand directly in front of of Mr. Reeves car blocking his way and snapping photos even after Mr. Reeves’ specifically told him to “move out of the way.”

Mr. Reeves also did not attempt to “flee the scene”. To the contrary, as soon as Mr. Reeves heard Mr. Da Silva calling out about “his knee,” he immediately pulled into the nearby driveway, got out of his car and went to the photographer to make sure that he was all right.

In fact, it was only after Mr. Reeves turned his car into and parked in the nearby driveway that he saw Mr. Da Silva fall down on the ground which certainly seems more likely to be posturing and feigning injury than the result of a low speed collision at 1 mph, slower than walking speed.

We highly apologize to Mr. Reeves.....

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Great Actor James Hong, Feature Docudrama 'Man of a Thousand Faces'

Press Release
Source: Dramatika Films, LLC
Dramatika Films Announces Completion of Feature Docudrama 'Man of a Thousand Faces'Wednesday April 11, 3:54 pm ET

Theatrical Release Focuses on Life and Accomplishments of Legendary Actor James Hong
LAS VEGAS, April 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Las Vegas-based Dramatika Films, LLC, announced today its completion and upcoming film release of the new docudrama "Man of a Thousand Faces," featuring veteran film and television star James Hong. This visually stunning film -- part documentary, part dramatization -- chronicles the life of the legendary actor, whose career spans more than half a century. Slated to premiere exclusively at this year's Festival de Cannes in May, "Man of a Thousand Faces" features highlights from Hong's illustrious career of nearly 500 film and television performances including blockbuster hits such as "Blade Runner," "Big Trouble in Little China," "Airplane," "Chinatown," "Black Widow," "Wayne's World 2, " "Red Corner," "Mulan," and many more.

(Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20070411/LAW087)
Source: Dramatika Films, LLC
· James Hong emulates a Chinese dragon
· Click Here to Download Image

Although Hong's vast body of work has made him one of the most recognizable Asian American actors in the world, many moviegoers do not know him by name. A true character actor, James Hong has appeared with industry giants such as Jack Nicholson, Kurt Russell, Christopher Walken, Tia Carerre, Mike Myers, Richard Gere, Debra Winger, Danny Glover and David Carradine to name a few, as well as many of Hollywood's most acclaimed directors including Ridley Scott, Spike Lee, John Carpenter and Roman Polanski.

"Man of a Thousand Faces" tells of Hong's tireless efforts to combat stereotypes in Hollywood, where many Asians and Asian Americans are continually cast in stereotypical roles even today, as well as Hong's pivotal role in forming the East West Players (EWP) -- a successful theatre company showcasing the talents of the world's most popular Asian American performers. Founded in 1965, EWP alumni include Mako, B.D. Wong, Russell Wong, David Henry Hwang, Beulah Quo, and George Takei.

With a running time of approximately 90 minutes, "Man of a Thousand Faces" features more than a dozen interviews with Hong's family and fellow actors including David Carradine, Tia Carerre and Edward James Olmos. The film also features the last interview with the late, great Japanese actor Mako [we miss you and thank you], who was nominated for an Academy Award for this touching performance in "The Sand Pebbles," in which he acted along side James Hong.

"It was clear from the beginning of this tremendous project that the life of James Hong was both unique and compelling," said director and cinematographer Kym Secrist. "He is a respected actor among his peers and critics, he is an icon to his loyal fans and admirers, and his achievements in film and television are unparalleled in virtually every country and culture." Now in the final stages of post-production before the film's release in Cannes, "Man of a Thousand Faces" captures the early years of the actor's life in vivid, motion picture quality re-enactments, and also features numerous clips from some of Hong's most memorable performances.

Secrist, an accomplished writer, director and cinematographer with more than 100 awards in commercials and music videos, is making his theatrical directorial debut with this film. Hong and Secrist met in 2000 on the set of "37th Chamber," an experimental short feature that managed to garner five international awards on the festival circuit, in which Hong starred and Secrist was Director of Photography. They joined forces again just over a year ago to create "Man of a Thousand Faces" with the help of producer Deborah Quan of the same film, retracing the actor's life from his ancestral roots in mainland China, to his birthplace in Minneapolis, on to his extraordinary achievements in Hollywood.

About Dramatika Films

Las Vegas-based Dramatika Films, LLC, is a full-service production company specializing in the financing and creation of outstanding independent motion pictures and documentaries with a number of planned motion picture projects on the horizon through 2010.
Source: Dramatika Films, LLC

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Monday, April 02, 2007

How to sweet talk her

How to sweet talk her
By Nina Malkin

You've chatted online and over the phone successfully enough to clinch a first encounter. But now that you've got to fill possibly hours of unstructured conversational time, what do you say? Allow us to point you toward some choice phrases that'll work in your favor—as well as some that you think might impress her but will backfire, badly.

5 things she'd love to hear...

“You look amazing.”

Acknowledge (and appreciate) that she primped for you. Trust us, even if this is a simple latte liaison, a degree of decision-making went into that jeans-tee-ponytail combo she's got going on. No need to be too specific; just let her know you've noticed that she looks good.

“How was your day?”

This may seem innocuous, but it shows you care and are interested in her life. Make sure to really listen to the response, rather than glaze over when she itemizes details of a petty spat with a co-worker. Bonus: It'll give you something to follow up on in a later conversation (e.g., “Did you patch things up with that crazy woman in finance?”)

“I’m really having a great time with you.”

Probably the best thing you can say mid-date! It takes the edge off, lets her know she can relax. You'll also get feedback on how she's feeling. Hopefully she'll beam back and say “Me too!” as opposed to a sniffed “How nice.”

“What do you think about such-and-such topic?”

Guys, you're great at telling us what you think, but you can be a bit stingy about seeking out our opinion. Ask your date for her view and she'll be flattered—and stimulating discourse is bound to ensue. Naturally, steer clear of obscure subjects she may not be up on or comfortable discussing, and only bring up hot-button issues like politics if you’re prepared for a potential serious debate.
“I’d love to see you again.”

This is a great way to end a date. It assures that you like her and may prevent that awful waiting-by-the-phone thing women tend to do. Trust us, she'll appreciate it.

...And 5 things she'd hate to hear...

“You’ve really got a great body. Do you work out or something?”

Dude, please. This is way too objectifying and will make her uncomfortable. Avoid mention of any particular body part or anything lingerie-related.

“Oh, I know all about that!”

If you're commiserating, fine—but if you're about to start pontificating, resist! Women like intelligent, informed, worldly men, but we also appreciate humility. When you put on your “superior face,” you’re so not sexy. If she wanted a know-it-all, she'd spend her evening with Wikipedia.

“So I’ve been shopping for a new BMW…”

Such a transparent attempt to impress her will have the reverse effect—unless you hear “cha-chiiing” and dollar signs appear in her eyes. So bag those “I’m a big man” comments about your stuff, your status and your salary.

“Wanna come up to my place for a nightcap?”

A nightcap, huh? What’s next, your etchings? We hear this and automatically think you’re just trying to get us into bed, even if you really do have a full bar and are hankering for a scotch on the rocks. Better to say, “I'd invite you to my place, but it's a wreck” and wait for her to insist that she doesn't mind a bit. Oh, and never ask to “come in for a minute to use the bathroom” when dropping her off at her door, either.

“I’ll call you.”

OK, this is what she wants to hear, but so many men say it and don’t follow through. So if you have any doubt about calling her, do not utter those three little words. Instead, wish her luck on the big presentation she mentioned, say thank you and goodnight!

Nina Malkin is the author of An Unlikely Cat Lady: Feral Adventures in the Backyard Jungle. Read the other side of the story, “5 things guys love to hear,” here.

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5 things guys love to hear/And 5 things men hate

5 things guys love to hear
By Robert W. Harris

Don’t get me wrong: In general, men are in awe of women’s date-night conversation skills, which, hands down, are far superior to their own. Even so, though, you gals do still insert your stiletto’d foot in your mouth every once in awhile—or, conversely, miss prime opportunities to make a remark that would raise your stock in our eyes. Curious whether you’ve got the right choice phrases in your back pocket and whether you’re avoiding the bad ones? Check out this list of things guys love (and hate) to hear on a date for the lowdown.

5 things men love to hear on a date...

“Then what happened?”

It’s human: A man likes to think that his life is reasonably interesting. And while interrupting him, changing the subject, or acting bored are well-known nails in the coffin, it’s not enough to just sit there, smile, and say, “Uh-huh” every few seconds. Actively egg him on with comments like, “You’re kidding! What happened next?” or “Go on...” That way, he’ll know you’re genuinely interested versus just being polite.

“That’s pretty impressive.”

Maybe he placed in a local triathlon. Or got a promotion at work. Or figured out how to fix his air conditioner. Whatever he’s done, if he’s mentioning it on a date, he’s most likely proud of it—and if you feed his ego by applauding his efforts, you’ll make him feel like a king.

“Thank you.”

No doubt about it, manners matter—and are sorely lacking in today’s less formal dating scene. Tap into your inner Emily Post, and it’s sure to make you stand out. So, thank him when he tells you that you look pretty tonight. Thank him for paying for dinner. Thank him for walking you to your car. It’s so small a thing, but it’ll make a huge difference to him.

“What do you do when you’re not at work?”

Although a guy’s work might be of primary importance, he also has other things in his life that he values. Does he juggle? Work on his car? Play an instrument? With a little probing, a woman can hit upon hidden passions—and convey that she’s interested in getting a complete picture of him and not just what he does for his paycheck.

“I’d like to get your opinion on something.”

It’s the damsel in the distress call, and it’s pure catnip for men: That’s because we love feeling useful, and you seeking our advice definitely fits the bill. So whether you need tips on buying a digital camera or how to handle a tricky situation with your boss, he’ll be glad to help. (He will be less eager, however, to comment on shopping, knitting or his dating past...but you knew that.)

...And 5 things men hate to hear:

“My last boyfriend...”

All we can say is, why? Why mention that your ex was a jerk? Why mention that you and your ex are pals? Why mention your ex, period? Whatever you say, all we will hear is, “I’m out with you, but I’m still thinking a lot about another man.” Although men like to compete, they don’t like to do it on a date with men who aren’t even in the same room.

“Do you mind if I take this call?”

Of course we mind. We won’t say we do, but we do. So unless it’s a dire emergency involving your kids or grandmother on her deathbed, let your voicemail pick up. Trust us, an hour paying attention to your date won’t kill you.

“So how do you feel about abortion?”

This type of question is known among men as a litmus test—a touchy topic that women raise to gauge whether we’re politically, morally, or spiritually on the same page as them (the death penalty, gay marriage, and the war in Iraq also fit the bill). Sure, we probably have strong opinions. But we’re not interested in getting into them with you, at least not yet. After all, this is a date, not debate club. Let’s have fun and save more heated back-and-forths for later.

“And then I found this cute pair of sandals...”

Granted, you and your girlfriends can spend hours gushing about shopping, shoes, and new hairstyles. But you’re not out with your girlfriends. You’re out with a guy, remember? And same as how we wouldn’t subject you to talk about stocks or our favorite sports teams, please, do us the same favor.

“How do you feel about having a family?”

Pop this question during those first few dates, and most men will assume your biological clock is ticking fast—and that’s not a good thing. It’s not that we don’t want families, many of us do—it’s just that we like to get to know a woman first. And we like to know you like us as more than just as a potential baby-making machine. After all, where’s the romance in that?

Robert Harris is the author of 101 Things NOT To Do Before You Die.
Read the other side of the story, “How to sweet talk her,” here.

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Joss Whedon's Firefly/Serenity Rules!!!


Daily Record NEWS
2 April 2007


FILM classic Star Wars has lost its crown as the world's best sci-fi movie.

Space adventure Serenity knocked the 1977 Darth Vader film off the top spot in a poll.
The movie, about the crew of a spaceship, was the brainchild of Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon.

Ridley Scott's Blade Runner took third place in the SFX magazine survey of 3000 fans, with the original Planet Of The Apes in fourth place, followed by Keanu Reeves's The Matrix and space horror hit Alien.

Other top 10 entries included Fifties classic Forbidden Planet, Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Terminator and Back To The Future.

SFX magazine editor Dave Bradley said: "Seeing Serenity topple Star Wars is a massive surprise."

MONDAY 02/04/2007 15:29:19

Little known film stuns sci-fi heavyweightFilm classic Star Wars has lost its crown as the world's best sci-fi movie.

George Lucas`s Star Wars debut has been usurped by the little-known 2005 title Serenity in a poll of sci-fi favourites.

Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford, is third, following 1977 classic Star Wars.

Planet Of The Apes scoops fourth place, followed by Keanu Reeves`s film The Matrix and Sigourney Weaver`s Alien.

Others in the top ten include Fifties classic Forbidden Planet, Stanley Kubrick`s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and The Terminator, which launched Arnold Schwarzenegger`s career.

The Michael J Fox time-travelling classic Back to the Future takes tenth place in the SFX magazine poll of 3,000 fans.

Serenity, about the crew of a spaceship of the same name, was a spin-off from a short-lived US TV series.

SFX magazine editor Dave Bradley said: "Seeing Serenity topple Star Wars as the UK`s favourite sci-fi movie is a massive surprise.

"The TV show may have been cancelled, yet the Serenity universe clearly struck a chord with fans, thanks to its likeable characters, witty dialogue and amazing special effects.

"Our list features some really classic movies, many of which, like Serenity, launched to no praise or applause at the box office, but have lived on for many years thanks to the fans, and continue to influence today`s films and TV."

The Top Ten:
1. Serenity (2005)
2. Star Wars (1977)
3. Blade Runner (1982)
4. Planet of the Apes (1968)
5. The Matrix (1999)
6. Alien (1979)
7. Forbidden Planet (1956)
8. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
9. The Terminator (1984)
10. Back to the Future (1985)

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