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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Making Love" IS NOT something one does by rote habit.

"Making Love" IS NOT something one does by rote habit.

"Making" is creation and building, as in creating a feeling in another that mixes with one of your own, and constructing lightly upon that to make an interweaving of senses and flavors and emotions.

"Love" is individual, alive, never-ending; even when it turns dark or distance. And darkness can be enjoyed and brought back into the light. And it's more than the physical, more than the emotion, there is spirit binding the both, uplifting them both to bliss. Even "perpetual bliss" as Faith Hill might sing.

So, "making love" can include more than kneeling like a "missionary," begging for it, and then "trying
to control everything," and "stay on top of things"; but being oblivious of your partner's true needs.

Get your face in there and let your tongue do the your lovin'.


"Neale Sourna's Cuntsinger," a new manual for better cunnilingus

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Future Role of Agents

September 29, 2009
by Jane Friedman

[more before]


...today’s boilerplate contract is inflexible and outdated. One idea put forth by Nash is that contracts become time-based, with potential for renewal, which dodges the sticky “in print” or “out of print” question that now determines the termination of most book contracts.



...For anyone in this publishing game for the long run, it can’t be about the sale of one book—and this is where sometimes I see a lack of vision across the board. People get so focused on selling a title or in how that title is (or isn’t) supported by a publisher, that they lose sight of the much larger goal of an author’s career.


...publishers aren’t in the business of producing books, but in the business of building authors’ careers—and connecting writers to readers.



...One agency has quietly come out with a new model that requires authors to pay a minimum commission—i.e., the agent must earn a minimum amount on a sale no matter what advance the publisher pays, which means authors would “share” a larger part of the advance upfront (or even pay out of pocket in the case of very low advances).


But, Agents may take projects knowing they will ultimately be paid by authors rather than by publishers.


...agents, like publishers, will have to survive by specializing, by being distinctive in some way.


Well, if it's specialization, niche craft is right for writers then it's right for agents, too.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Why love dating 50s!

Why I love dating in my 50s

By Chelsea Kaplan

Think dating is at its best when you’re in your 20s or 30s? No way! It only gets better as time passes, say these single people. Here’s what they’ve learned… and how you can benefit from their wisdom to enjoy your love life that much more.

There’s no ticking of the biological clock
“Because having kids is usually a thing of the past when you’re in your 50s, dating in your 50s means you don’t have any pressures of getting married at a certain time because you hear the ticking of your biological clock. As a result, I find that singles in their 50s are much more into entering into a relationship for the ‘right’ reasons, and not just because they think they’re running out of fertile years. It removes a lot of pressure for both men and women.”
—Gail, 56, New Bedford, MA

Getting physical is more enjoyable
“When I was first dating in my early 20s, I really knew nothing about sex; I was so inexperienced in that department. After 23 years of marriage, however, I learned a thing or two. What I love about dating now is that because I feel so much more sexually confident — and even liberated — than I did back then, I really enjoy the ‘getting romantic’ part of dating so much more. I don’t have nearly as many hang-ups and questions as I did back then, so I think it’s wonderful — and the guys seem to think so too!”
—Mary Ellen, 53, Bloomfield, NM

The media smiles on older men
“Back when I was younger, older men weren’t necessarily seen as sexy; the media certainly didn’t focus on graying older males as sex symbols the way it now embraces guys like Harrison Ford and Jack Nicholson. But I feel like being in your 50s in 2009 is no longer considered old, and gray hair is even seen as sexy, thanks to George Clooney. In fact, I find that a lot of women in their 30s and sometimes even 20s find me sexier now than they did back when I was their age. I love that!”
—Abe, 52, New Rochelle, NY

Women become more confident
“I love how self-assured women in their 50s are; they know what they want out of a relationship and what they’re looking for in a mate, and they aren’t afraid to ask for it. Life experience — and learning from past mistakes — brings that, I think. That sense of self-assuredness is so incredibly alluring to me; confidence is just so sexy. I’d take a mature 50-something over an innocent 20-something any day!”
—Dan, 55, Portland, ME

A bigger bank account means better dates
“I have a lot more money now than I did when I was younger, so now I am better able to plan romantic dates at nice restaurants or even take a woman away for a fun weekend getaway because I know I have the financial freedom to do so. It’s certainly better than scraping enough money together to barely take your date out for a burger and a movie. I imagine my dates probably like the 50s me better for that reason, too!”
—Jack, 58, Carlsbad, CA

Go ahead and say it!
“When I was younger, I was very concerned about making the right impression and being liked. I used to try to adapt to my dates’ personalities. Now, I can’t be bothered with that — I speak my mind, am not afraid to say something outrageous, and just put my cards on the table from date number one. I find that makes dating a much simpler proposition — we either click or we don’t — and guys who get what I’m about do so right off the bat!”
—Donna, 57, St. Paul, MN

Underneath it all…
“I know a lot of women feel like their bodies aren’t as good as they were in their 20s and 30s and before they had kids, but I think bodies with a little character are so much sexier. To make things even better, when I was first dating, the thong hadn’t been invented and neither had the Wonderbra. Now, though, it seems like they’re everywhere. I’m glad I have the chance to experience dating sexy, mature women in the age of such great lingerie!”
—Craig, 58, Jonesboro, GA

The pickings aren’t so slim
I got married in my 30s, which was incredibly over-the-hill back then. By that time, I think a lot of the good single men my age were married already. The dating pool of single men seemed so small, and I just sort of married one out of sheer desperation because the pickings were so slim. Now, however, I feel like there are an abundant number of single men my age, probably because so many people in my generation got divorced, and many did so around the same time. It’s like an entirely different situation than I knew; there are so many more men out there to choose from!”
—Beverly, 58, Alpine, NJ

Your children become concerned about your dating life
“I have two daughters in their 30s who are married, and now that I am the single girl of the family, I love how the tables have turned. It’s hysterical to hear them give me dating advice or worry about me finding the right guy, just like I used to do with them! Now I think they understand how I felt about their situations back then and why I used to ask so many questions. It has been a lot of fun sharing my experiences with them and getting advice from them — just the other day my oldest reminded me to use protection! I’ve gotten good dating advice, and it’s brought us closer.”
—Shari, 59, Potomac, MD

Chelsea Kaplan is deputy editor of thefamilygroove.com and regularly appears as a guest on XM Radio’s “Broadminded.” Her blog, “I’m Somebody’s Mother?” can be found at www.rumymother.blogspot.com.

Article courtesy of Happen magazine, www.happenmag.com.

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