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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Listen to Radio Online Free: Eclectic and Covers by Neale Sourna



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Monday, July 18, 2016

Neale Sourna's HOBBLE Critics' Reviews and Novel Excerpt!

Neale Sourna's HOBBLE Critics' Reviews!

"Dipping into several genres from erotica to mystery, even sprinkling a little comedy into the mix, Sourne created a story like no other. This ... tale had me shaking my head in astonishment and I can honestly say I never read anything like Hobble before.

Sourne wrote a novel with such a large supply of twist and turns it'll have you dropping your mouth in shock. But be forewarned, Hobble has a crazy mix of characters.... Some of the sex scenes had me (a person who loves erotica) squirming.

Although the book is racy, it was an interesting read and should be picked up by anyone who enjoys reading something different from the norm."

—Joy Farringdon, Nubian Sistas Review

READ Full Review

* * *

"Hobble is a story of lust and obsessive sex ... I was so moved ... I went back to my (Franklin) dictionary ... hobble means to limp along ... to impede ... to tie-up, shackle or leash ... all of [which] were used in this steamy story, of sex, incest and betrayal!"

—Delores Thornton, BlackRefer.com Reviews

READ Delores' full review

[A BlackRefer.com Review]

* * *

More Reviews

* * *

YB Free - Reviewed By: Jennifer Walford

The YBFree.com review of HOBBLE:

"A dark, strange, and pyschologically violent novel that delved deep into how sex can be used as a vile weapon of manipulation and oppression. HOBBLE had many of the ingredients one expects from a good novel; theme, plot, likeable characters, and characters one just loves to hate. Literally every other sentence in the book is filled with some extremely graphic sexual acts. The characters in this story have sex about 75 percent of the book."

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Neale Sourna's Eclectic and Covers Online Radio at SHOUTcast

http://www.shoutcast.com/Search# then SEARCH for Eclectic and Covers

eclectic and covers, neale sourna, online radio, shoutcast, streaming audio,

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Monday, July 04, 2016

Online Radio and Online Fiction (and more) from Neale Sourna

logo image for Eclectic and Covers Radio at Radionomy.com

RADIO from Neale Sourna

Truly eclectic music variety.
  • Originals
  • Covers, and
  • Remixes.
In Themes!

eclectic music variety: pop, rock, jazz, r&b, hip hop, classical, world, country, soundtracks... 

i.e., WHO'S LOVING YOU by Brenda and the Tabulations' original, plus song covers from Michael Jackson’s Jackson Five, & Jessica Mauboy's version from the film THE SAPPHIRES










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Our hardcore main line
[sensuality is R, NC17, X, XXX]

medium and hard erotica / sensual romance / romantic erotica

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Our softcore line
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soft erotica / sensual romance / romantic erotica and general fiction

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Sunday, July 03, 2016

New Additional Music Variety Added at Online Radio Eclectic and Covers



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