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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Go figure...

...that the same man, who write BATMAN IV wrote A BEAUTIFUL MIND.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Yahoo! News Story - Rape New Weapon Against South African Lesbians

Reuters Features

Rape New Weapon Against South African Lesbians

Mon Jun 28,11:45 AM ET

By Gershwin Wanneburg and Dinky Mkhize

KAGISO, South Africa (Reuters) - Keba Sebetoane's distress is evident as she describes her rape by a man she had considered a friend simply because, as a lesbian, she challenged traditional sexual roles.

"(If) I said 'no' (I am not a lesbian), I get beaten. (If) I say 'yes', I get raped ... Defenseless, I kept quiet and then it happened," said the 17-year-old at her home in Kagiso, a poor Johannesburg township.

South Africa's pro-gay laws are unprecedented on a continent where many regard homosexuality as an un-African taboo. But activists say legislation is not protecting those like Sebetoane, who pay for their freedom at the hands of male rapists.

While hate crimes, or "gay bashing," are common in all societies, researchers say rape seems more prevalent in South Africa.

Activists and researchers say there are more reports of rape targeting lesbians, particularly in black townships where they are seen as challenging traditional male authority.

This hatred is fueled by the improving status of women in a country where many people are unemployed, they say.

"South Africa is a sexist society and so violence is used to strengthen the one area in which men feel they have more power -- their masculinity," said researchers Graeme Reid and Teresa Dirsuweit in a report based on workshops and interviews in Johannesburg townships.

"The people targeted are those who are most visibly gay or lesbian," Reid told Reuters. "There's a very violent reaction to the transgression of traditional gender roles."


Horrific as some stories are, South African gays and lesbians may still count themselves lucky.

Just north of the border, where Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has called gays "lower than dogs and pigs," sodomy is a crime; to the west, Namibian leader Sam Nujoma has called for their arrest; while Zanzibar off the east African coast has just outlawed homosexual acts.

South Africa's post-apartheid constitution was the first in the world to recognize gay rights, and same-sex couples are now allowed to adopt children and to be included in their partners' wills.

Last year, however, a Human Rights Watch report criticized the government for not speaking out against abuses and failing to ensure that gays and lesbians fully enjoyed their rights.

Activist Donna Smith, together with other groups, has launched a campaign, "The Rose Has Thorns," to raise awareness about hate crimes and urge tougher laws against them.

She says that out of 33 women interviewed by a lesbian support group only one case was prosecuted to conviction -- a sign the attacks are not taken seriously by police and prosecutors.

"Government-funded and government-run agencies must respond more effectively to this crisis because it is a crisis. One girl was shot at point blank range in her head because a guy felt she was behaving too much like a man," Smith said.

"He was out on 150 rand ($23) bail for illegal possession of a firearm. That's an extreme case but that's the kind of response we get."


President Thabo Mbeki once described South Africa as a country of two nations -- wealthy and white and poor and black.

This division is apparent among gays and lesbians. Most whites can afford a comfortable lifestyle free from intolerance, while those like Sebetoane remain on the fringe of society, living with the double burden of prejudice and poverty.

Smith said officials should speak out on rapes targeting lesbians, some of the most marginalized people in the new South Africa.

Sebetoane, for her part, is full of optimism. The high school graduate hopes to become a scientist and came out to her family last year, telling them: "I am a lesbian and if you love me you have to be concerned about my happiness."

"My only mission was for me to be happy because it seems like everyone in this house is happy," she told Reuters. "Why should my life be in a closet? Why can't I talk like somebody else. I wanted to be free."

(additional reporting by Hannington Osodo)

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Why film / TV / books / music are better than politics.

When an entertainment disappoints me, it may depress me or annoy me, but it doesn't create havoc in my entire life as I try to feed, dress, and shelter myself and those I love ... or at least am accustomed to.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

"White Chicks" versus white guys, and the train to Kerry - Edwards

I've had no particular intent to make this blog all or mostly about film but film is kinda universal and less isolated an example of life than say my riding down on the train this morning packed with suburban whites. More than usual, and they were LOUD, ANNOYING, and completely stupid about where they were going. They ALWAYS get lost going downtown. Never ever heard of a map, y'know. Anyway, one woman kept saying, "We'll follow that guy [a stranger, a white male stranger] because I saw he had a Kerry - Edwards invitation to the announcement rally too."

A good way to be sidetracked by a rapist/murderer. A puppy rapist/axe murderer even!

At work, my MY Yahoo news included one more whiney note about more whiney white guys complaining about the Wayans Brothers' "White Chicks". White chicks don't complain, just white guys.

Myself, I find that whitish guys complain the most and loudest when mega money's is bypassing them and/or when they're attracted sexually to something or someone and refuse to admit it. Like picking up a pretty hooker then finding she's a pretty male hooker. Is you don't believe my sexually attracted theory -- tough. But it goes like this, check the old fan lit commentaries from back in the day.

They [the whitish guys] hated Sean Connery in his pretty boy, dramatic lover roles with Gina Lollobrigida, until he became the murdering/overcompensating womanizer James Bond.

They hated Mel Gibson in his pretty boy, dramatic lover roles with Dianne Keaton, until he became psycho cop Martin Riggs.

They hated Tom Selleck in his pretty boy, dramatic/comedic lover roles, until Thomas Magnum, P.I. and finding out he's about the only guy, who can get a western done these days.

They still hate Keanu Reeves, but a lot less since Neo and The Matrix-es. Let's face it, of this group, and as slowly as the man ages physically, they may be hatin' on him a lot longer. Still babyfaced and gorgeous. Go ahead be tough, a man's man, admit the truth -- you love him, you really, really loooove him.

White guys are suing the Wayans saying they had the idea of "White Chicks" first and had sent them a copy. Well, I say the Wayans lawyers should check these guys with the fact that their Mafia connected scenario sounds an awful lot like Mr. Lenny Henry's Disney film "True Identity". Hm....