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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

A new short story posting -- LARAINA

Laraina's a little on the softer side here but the full-blown
novella/novel will be more typically me.

http://stories.neale-sourna.com/laraina1.html -- "Laraina"

It's still good to be a white(ish) guy.

After his little--"I didn't know" gig with Janet Jackson, J Timberlake not only didn't act like he "didn't know" nor did he go into semi-hiding; but, he got rewarded by performing at the Grammies, getting paid by them, getting an award by them for dumping on his more famous ex, and just getting to whine about "his" misfortune and gush about his "success". How very nice, may we all have such a week or two in our careers.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

On Jackson & Jackson

Janet gets away with a lot. Her face has been extensively deconstructed by cosmetic surgery and the Witnesses of Jehovah had nothing to say about her nipple jewelry and very public and on purpose flashing.

If Michael ONLY invited nonwhite boys to his sleepovers, would the news be what it is today? Or would they be crying about why were their little ones left out of the fun?