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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Fiery explosions, gayless governors, and more of my childhood gone.

Between Christmas and New Years we had an incredibly brilliant industrial fire, less than a mile from the old domicile. White hot magnesium. Lit the night like day with ground shaking explosions throughout the evening; especially the nonstop ones from 2 am to 3, which all gave me a sympathetic reminder of what George W and the like have been putting my world neighbors through. Bad George. And

Bad Governor Bob of Ohio. On pushing a boy-girl only marriage clause. I've seen women legally marry dead guys. Ew. Whether truly for sentimentality or inheritance I wouldn't know. And old men can marry little girls, if their parents sign off on it. If it's sanctioned for the living to legally marry the dead, for pity's sake, what could possibly be wrong with two people of any sex--as long as they are people not pets, who also have weddings!--who preferably aren't already blood related getting married? There are many same sex couples who have been together longer and for better than some mixed sex couples, whose lousy success rate is still only about 50-50 these days on the first marriage. Bob stop wasting my money, my fucking time, and my last nerve. You have been and remain--useless, useless, useless.

Gone: Misterogers and Captain Kangaroo. You will be missed forever and remembered as well. But, for all you "education politicians" and "what about the children"/"family value" nuts out there. Who will be my kid's Mr. R or Capt K certainly not a damned telewhubby, peekasneeze, or the like. You PCed it, you fix it.