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Monday, November 12, 2018

Neale Sourna / PIE: Perception Is Everything stories, buy at Payhip

Neale Sourna at PIE: Perception Is Everything

Neale has been authoring, editing, doing book/ebook layout and publishing about a decade and won BlackRefer.com's Best Erotica Novel award for her first novel, "Hobble," published through her own company, PIE: Perception Is Everything, and Neale successfully ranked as a finalist for New Century Screenplay's national contest for her script, "FRAMES." 

Neale writes and edits for others through her writing company Neale Sourna's Writing-Naked.com; including stories for the Orchid Games' / Sandlot Games distrib: Heartwild Solitaire Game Series and Inertia Software's Margrave Manor Game Series. Neale's many published works, for ebook, print and online, have an edge that always brings the reader back to the core of being human. 

"I don't write 'romance' stories, but character love stories. http://www.neale-sourna.com/Sournabio.html


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Monday, September 24, 2018

Band of Brothers Reunion Event 2018

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Last tracks played, no pun intended, but found:

Last tracks played, no pun intended, but found:
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Stone Free

Tricky Feat. Alanis Morissette

John Cullum Feat. William Daniels, Ken Howard & Film's Cast
Molasses to Rum with dialog

Nina Simone
Mississippi Goddam

Armin Reynolds the Thundermaniac

Stevie Wonder
That Girl

You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)

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Saturday, June 09, 2018

New Music Added to COOL MUSIC VARIETY @ Radionomy.com


no doubt, john barry, roger daltry, somewhere in time, without you, toto , doobie brothers, blondie, rock hall concert

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Freelancer_epub now available

The Freelancer_epub

Annie’s new temp, Ryan, with the fascinating ass ... and mind, is great at his job, even on his first day; but, he’s driving her to distraction and she can’t get anything done!

When Annie works late and alone, to catch up on work, gorgeous Ryan returns in order to show her what he’s really freelancing in; loving Annie.
_1602 wds

You will get a EPUB (5MB) file.
$ 0.50
Buy Now 

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North Coast Academies' Journal 1 (NCAJ1): North Coast Academies' Diary (NCAD) Vol. 1-3 Compiled_epub now available

North Coast Academies' Journal 1 (NCAJ1): North Coast Academies' Diary (NCAD) Vol. 1-3 Compiled_epub

Journal compilation of six (6) hardcore, sexual short stories previously published individually, as "Neale Sourna's North Coast Academies' Diary" entries:
  1. Laila: Cozy With Daddy [7857 words];
  2. Yune: Suck My - - - - [3677 words];
  3. Ross: Daddy's Little Whore, uh, Seductress [8401 words];
  4. 3 Sex Views: Ross, Laila, and Sascha [16,337 words all 3 stories totaled]—
  • Sascha: Laila's Classmate—Public Parking, Sex Squared [8289 words];
  • Laila: Smarty Schoolgirl—Daddy's Willing Little Slut [3711 words];
  • Ross; Laila's Stepdad—My Daughter's Asshole Cherry [4337 words].

You will get a EPUB (2MB) file.
$ 6.00
Buy Now 

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dia's Team Bang (3)_epub now available

Dia's Team Bang (3)_epub

Dia's the only cheerleader on the team bus filled with excited, champion ball players, managers, a middle-aged co-coach, and Mr. Dean, the one teacher / coach Dia'd open her lovely thighs wide for, anytime and anywhere, and secretly already has. Dia would do ANYTHING for her man's pleasure. 

So, Mr. D will test his girl's trust and love for him, because the man has a banging hot surprise for her AND his teenaged athletes, on the long ride home after their championship win. There will be slippery hot fun for all, as sweet Dia opens wide for her first willing gangbang. 

"Gentlemen, get in line."

_16,006 words


Table of Contents:
Falcons’ Team Bus—Night, Post Game
Team Bus—Her First Man - Coach Dean
      _Dia Strips for Coach
      _Dia Fellates Coach
      _Dia’s Throatfuck Fun
      _Dia Swallows Coach’s Cum
      _Dia’s Cunnilingus Fun
      _Dia Fucks Coach
Team Bus—Mr. Dean’s Fuck Laws
Team Bus—Who Fucks Her Next?
Team Bus—Side Games
Team Bus—Good Friend Stevie’s Turn
Team Bus—More Men
Team Bus—Gay Mr. Jones Assfucks Dia
Team Bus—Lesbian Ms. Smith Fingerfucks Dia
Team Bus—Co-Captain Yune, the Lover
Team Bus—Mr. Cross, the Roughneck
Team Bus—Dia Gets Rough Used
Team Bus—Co-Coach Carlson and More Boys
Empty Team Bus—School Parking & a Driver
Empty Team Bus—Mr. Dean Takes a Second Fuck

[excerpt, Full Short Story ON SALE] Dia’s Coach (1)

Synopsis_Dia’s Coach (1)

Mr. Dean’s House—Late Friday Night

You will get a EPUB (976KB) file.
$ 5.97
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Dia's Weekend With Coach (2)_epub now available

Dia's Weekend With Coach (2)_epub

Naughty cheerleader Dia continues her virgin lovemaking weekend with one of her school’s favorite teachers; Mr. Dean, the tri-state area’s most popular and winningest team coach, in two sports!

“Dean builds men!” the sports press crows.

Now, behind the closed doors of his home, Mr. D’s building a lover to satisfy his most intimate appetites, molding young Dia, teaching her what it means to “come of age,” while teaching this willing teenager wicked activities to play in all her feminine entrances.

Anything to please Mr. D pleases sweet Dia.

14,210 words approx. / Romantic Erotica (Hard)


Table of Contents:
  • Dia’s Weekend with Coach (2)
  • Mr. Dean’s Bed—Saturday Morning
  • A Breakfast at Mr. Dean’s
  • Snooping Around Mr. Dean’s
  • Mr. Dean’s Surprise Return
  • Mr. Dean’s Extra Meal of Dia
  • Presenting Her Backside to Mr. Dean
  • Getting to the Point, with Mr. Dean
  • Mr. Dean’s Other Surprise Guest
  • Mr. Dean’s Smells His Hand
  • Dia’s Nosy Mistake
  • Mr. Dean’s Closet Girl
  • Dia Comes Out of the Closet
  • Dia’s Time to Learn Ass-Loving
  • Mr. Dean’s Foreplay Sex Story
  • Mr. Dean Takes Dia on the Carpet
  • Chillin’ with Mr. Dean
  • Mr. Dean’s Nighttime Surprise
  • Dogs in the Ass Grass
  • Sunday Morning with Mr. Dean
  • Parting from Mr. Dean
  • Sexting Mr. Dean
  • Synopsis:  Dia’s Coach (1)
  • Synopsis:  Dia’s Team Bang (3)

You will get a EPUB (3MB) file.
$ 4.97
Buy Now 

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