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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dia's Weekend With Coach (2)_epub now available

Dia's Weekend With Coach (2)_epub

Naughty cheerleader Dia continues her virgin lovemaking weekend with one of her school’s favorite teachers; Mr. Dean, the tri-state area’s most popular and winningest team coach, in two sports!

“Dean builds men!” the sports press crows.

Now, behind the closed doors of his home, Mr. D’s building a lover to satisfy his most intimate appetites, molding young Dia, teaching her what it means to “come of age,” while teaching this willing teenager wicked activities to play in all her feminine entrances.

Anything to please Mr. D pleases sweet Dia.

14,210 words approx. / Romantic Erotica (Hard)


Table of Contents:
  • Dia’s Weekend with Coach (2)
  • Mr. Dean’s Bed—Saturday Morning
  • A Breakfast at Mr. Dean’s
  • Snooping Around Mr. Dean’s
  • Mr. Dean’s Surprise Return
  • Mr. Dean’s Extra Meal of Dia
  • Presenting Her Backside to Mr. Dean
  • Getting to the Point, with Mr. Dean
  • Mr. Dean’s Other Surprise Guest
  • Mr. Dean’s Smells His Hand
  • Dia’s Nosy Mistake
  • Mr. Dean’s Closet Girl
  • Dia Comes Out of the Closet
  • Dia’s Time to Learn Ass-Loving
  • Mr. Dean’s Foreplay Sex Story
  • Mr. Dean Takes Dia on the Carpet
  • Chillin’ with Mr. Dean
  • Mr. Dean’s Nighttime Surprise
  • Dogs in the Ass Grass
  • Sunday Morning with Mr. Dean
  • Parting from Mr. Dean
  • Sexting Mr. Dean
  • Synopsis:  Dia’s Coach (1)
  • Synopsis:  Dia’s Team Bang (3)

You will get a EPUB (3MB) file.
$ 4.97
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