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Friday, March 26, 2004

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Steve’s Monkey’s Paw
(aka: Steve’s Poe Paw)
by Neale Sourna

Whoever came up with “guys don’t make passes at girls, who wear glasses” was seriously stupid. Alex’s Managing Executive, Kara, wore horn-rimmed eyeglasses, conservatively classy office dress casual, and her dark hair smoothed back in a no frills chignon; all to no avail. She was “definitely, definitely”--I felt as half-witted and out of my depth, as that idiot “Rainman” around her.

A wholesome, yet unassumingly sultry brown goddess, who, in my exceedingly learned opinion, was entirely failing to hide her mischievously bouncy breasts and a-- under that crisply bland professional façade, which I couldn’t believe was deterring Alex. The biggest, most successful and unrelenting sexhound I’d ever known.

It’d been a long while since he’d seen me, so, I’d decided to come out of hiding. I was visiting him at his office and catching up on the last few years and all that kind of thing. He was installing a new piece of phone equipment and software himself.

Not good.

Alex likes to do things himself, that’s why he’d opened his own successful business. The man’s a true god working with people, female or male, especially female; but, he’s all left thumbs with anything with cables.

“Um, excuse me, Kara. Alex needs you.” She immediately got that look smart women get of “I knew Mr. Know-It-All would need me”.

Alex had changed.

When her incredibly fine a-- accidentally brushed against his well-educated crotch, as she entered his personal desk space, he didn’t even smirk, let alone attempt to spoon her, as I’ve often seen him do to those with less obviously well-endowed charms.

The man was not the same.

Kara is a deliciously big girl in all the good ways, yet he actually backed away, as she leaned on his desk, took the cables of the new hardware and deftly switched the end connections, which we two smart, former frat men hadn’t figured out. Why study instructions, which are so often badly and confusingly done these days, anyway. Besides, Ms. Know-It-All hadn’t looked either.

However, she did look at Alex. A lot. Which he, of course, would never notice, since he always gets looked at a lot. The thick, Black Scot-Hispanic hair, the perfect skin, teeth, and musculature, the clear blue eyes, with “all that abundant charm glossing over all that reckless danger”, or so states my kid sister, repeatedly.

Lucky Alex.

For myself, women of Kara’s quality, never look at me that way.

I’m “not hideous”, as my small-brained sister once gushingly pointed out, but “well, Alex is well Alex”. Me, I’m just a generic looking Polack, who doesn’t turn heads or get the hot c---- liquefying and rushing down the insides of welcoming thighs, just because I’m in their proximity.

Silently, we’d both watched her return to her office, which was across from and in full sight of his.

“She so wants you, Alex.” I got a blank, unfathomable stare from those all too perfect eyes of his.


“Kara wants you.”

On reading faces....

[story edit]

I grabbed the brightly furred, bony, blackskinned thing, then put it back; dropped it really, as if it were a flaming, taboo object. I thought hard and long. I needed to be unambiguously correct, and not mess up, like the silly, pathetic, old geezer couple in Edgar Allan Poe’s story.

Heart pounding, I held that cursed thing and silently wished the precise words of power I felt would work most perfectly. Remember, “in the beginning was The Word”.

Of course, typically, it picked then to storm and rage overhead, complete with lighting flashes and tons of rain.

I waited. And, waited. Nothing. Nothing. For the better part of an hour.

F--- it.

I went outside to watch b----y Mother Nature’s little I’m God show, and my own vaporizing breath in the chilly, wet suburban night.

One minute later, a sports car pulled up in the wrong direction and jerked to an abrupt, screechingly haphazard stop at my curb, as if it’d been turned off while still geared in drive. Eventually, Kara stumbled out, and hesitatingly walked across the expanse of my yard. No umbrella. No shoes. What I’d mistaken for a trenchcoat was a thick bathrobe getting soaked heavily with rain.

Disbelieving my eyes, I breathlessly jumped off the porch to meet her. She came straight to me, and I removed her rainstreaked hornrims.

Her magnificent eyes were scared, confused, and . . . obstinate.

You get ten novena, Gran. Thanks.

“Come inside, Kara.”

* * * *

I locked the door, then walked around her. Beautiful, simply stunning—even drenched, p------, and trembling violently. I reached for her robe; she tried to stop me.

“No, Kara.”

She . . . let me, against the hard and futile resolve in her burning, dark eyes.

I opened her robe. Mother g------. She must’ve just stepped out of her bath. Completely naked; fresh, clean. Mine. I peeled the sopping garment off her, letting it drop heavily at our feet, then walked around again for the full, juicy inspection.

This was all much better than that hormone-induced, mind-crippling notion of her I had had to excuse myself for, when at lunch with Alex . . . to lock myself, like an unrestrained pervert, in a men’s room stall, so I could j--- her off my mind.

Which plainly hadn’t worked.

I’d imagined Alex oblivious in his office and the others going about their business, while I did my business with Kara. Bending her over Alex’ big, hard wood desk....

[story edit]

That’d only been . . . a waking wet dream, though. Here was the real, warm deal, in her peerless, naked flesh. My heart beat faster, my n--- ached vengefully, as I hardened like pure Carnegie steel for her.

How could Alex resist this?

I stood behind her, removing the hair combs, before smoothing her thick, wet tresses. A trickle of rain coursed from her hair down her perfect shade of tan spine into the delightful valley....

[story edit]

She took two halting steps away from me.

“No, Kara. Stay.”

Gran had said, “Strongly willful people can resist”, but only as far as my will AND the paw would allow. She said I should be “very careful with it” and with what I wanted, because prolonged exposure could weaken a person completely and enslave them to me.

She’d also patted me on the cheek and proudly said she knew I didn’t want to do that to anyone.

Gran never ever understood the real me, and she’d certainly wouldn’t get . . . that I really wanted this.


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